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Helping you grow in confidence!

Encore Drama is an Acting School for students to build a solid foundation and prepare for them for a future in whatever field they choose. No matter how you choose to learn with us, you’re guaranteed a quality education from passionate coaches. With an experienced Lamda and Qualified Teacher as your coach, we ensure that your teaching is not only fun but will help you progress with qualifications. 


Whether you’re enrolled already or about to join, we are thrilled you have chosen Encore Drama.


Lamda exams are recognised around the world.  We teach the Acting and Public Speaking Syllabus.

Boys Acting

Boys only acting classes enable boys to feel comfortable to express themselves with like minded students.

Group Lessons

Group classes encourage friendship as well as learning with a peer group.  Classes in Essex are available. Please enquire about your area

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow us to create a bespoke set of classes for the learner.  This is a way to rapidly progress through exams.

Whether through our group acting classes or private lessons Encore Drama is determined to see your child grow in confidence.  Whether it is for a career in the arts or to help them deliver a speech to a group of people, We will teach them how to stand tall.

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