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bookings now open for January!

Our ONLINE learning platform encourages students to engage with a wider community. 


Through group lessons we are able to work on students confidence through Public Speaking  exercises.  January offer £99.00 for the full 10 week course (just £9.90 per 1 hour lesson!)

Our 10 week course enables the students to;

  • Build confidence

  • Learn how to structure a speech

  • Understand the importance of a conversation

  • Develop vocal skills

  • Research techniques

  • Develop physical skills including body language and facial expressions


Before these public speaking lessons, speaking in front of others was a hugely challenging task even if it was just a handful of people. Public speaking lessons have helped so I can now continue a conversation rather than asking simple questions. This has also taught me skills to prevent panic before a speech such as my speaking avatar.

I had such a wonderful time your lessons where interactive and you were nice and kind even when we got it wrong. Another thing is the lessons were actually fun and done in a way we wanted to do it and the homework was sent in perfect amounts. All in all, I loved your lessons.

In this course, I believe I have progressed by learning many new things. Firstly, I now know the four p’s and how to incorporate them into a speech. I also know how to structure a fifteen second/short speech well and can express my feelings and reiterate my point through gestures.

At first, I felt quite nervous when speaking in public because I was always scared of strangers but after ten lessons, I feel very positive about speaking in public

I feel that I can now use the 4Ps and gestures well, and plan and structure a speech well.

At first, I felt anxious, but now I feel great! To me, my public speaking has improved a lot! Thank you!

After 10 days, I feel more confident when doing public speaking. 10 days ago, I felt apprehensive and wasn't sure about the speech. Now, I feel more comfortable speaking. I'm inside my avatar.

Thanks for the brilliant lessons. I loved the class & you'll always be my favourite Teacher.  At the start, I had no Idea what to do and was stammering and stuttering all the time.  I can now talk super confident.

When I first entered this public speaking lesson I felt butterflies in my stomach. I thought ' why is public speaking important'? I did not know what would happen in the end and now I feel thrilled I've came to this point! I am amazed I've overcome my public speaking fears!

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